About Move 2 Music

We’re passionate about dance and fitness – it’s fun, rewarding and exciting!

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m the person behind Move 2 Music.

I’m a hugely experienced dance and aerobic teacher.

I’ve taught everyone from Saudi princesses, ex pat communities, Loughborough dance students, non dancers and ex dancers.

The carefully considered choreography and safe instruction at Move 2 Music helps to prevent injuries and protect old injuries.

Each piece of choreography has specially tailored progressions, so that your fitness always improves.

Why have I designed these classes? For people like me!

If you’re someone who likes exercise to be enjoyable so that they don’t notice they’re doing it, or miss the opportunity to boogie like they used to then Move 2 Music is for you!

Amanda is a Registered Exercise Professional and has many years’ experience in teaching dance and exercise, choreography and fitness.

The goal for ladies to return to exercise is Amanda’s key motivation; it’s never too late!